„WebWork 2.2: Released and ready for Struts!
OpenSymphony and the WebWork team are proud to announce the release of WebWork version 2.2 (download now). This release is the biggest release ever for WebWork and there are plenty of reasons why (full release notes):
Full support for Java 5 Annotations and Generics
Rich AJAX support using DWR and Dojo
New QuickStart tool makes development easier than ever
Tons more documentation with over 900 PDF pages!
Client side validation using AJAX or plain JavaScript
Built in support for Continuations
JSR168/Portlet support for several popular Portlet servers, including Pluto
Rich UI template framework with native support for JSP, FreeMarker, and Velocity
Native support for Spring and Pico IOC containers
More intelligent error reporting
Developer Mode makes building webapps even easier with improved error reporting
Simplified tag syntax
Advanced data binding framework that works with any object, including domain objects
This release marks an important milestone in the WebWork history: the last major release under the WebWork and OpenSymphony names. While future minor releases will continue to take place (including 2.2.x and 2.1.x releases), all major work will now fold in to the Struts Action Framework, version 2.0. You can use WebWork 2.2 as an early preview of Struts Action Framework 2.0, but you can also expect many other great improvements to be added between now and then.
Thanks to the entire WebWork team for all their hard work, especially during these last few weeks as the final touches were put in place.“

WebWork: WebWork 2.2: Released and ready for Struts!

WebWork: WebWork 2.2: Released and ready for Struts!

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