Gestern wurde die Version 4.2 von der Verschlüsselungssoftware TrueCrypt veröffentlicht. Der Changelog findet sich hier.

Die Highlights der neuen Version:

Ability to create a ‘dynamic’ container whose physical size (actual disk space used) grows as new data is added to it. (Dynamic containers are pre-allocated NTFS sparse files).

New Mount Option: ’system‘. It is possible to place paging (swap) files on a TrueCrypt volume that is mounted with this option enabled. Thus, it is possible to use TrueCrypt to on-the-fly encrypt a paging file.

It is now possible to mount a single TrueCrypt volume from multiple operating systems at once (for example, a volume shared over network), provided that the volume is mounted as read-only under each system

Command line argument buffer is now wiped upon exit

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