„Easy Ajax for the masses with xajax
A while ago I mentioned I was going to deliver a presentation on PHP and Ajax. The conference on which I delivered it took place last week on November 10. I also promised people I’d translate everything I prepared for the presentation for posting on my weblog. It took some time but here it is! If you’re interested in diving into programming your own Ajax functionality with PHP this article might be a nice starter.
Together we’ll take a look at the xajax class library for PHP. You’ll be surprised how easy it really is to create the nifty stuff you’ll find all over the internet lately. I have prepared four documented working examples on how to use xajax in real-world situations. You can study the sourcecode as well as download the whole set to do with it whatever you like. Let’s dive into xajax!“

The Net is Dead&-&Easy Ajax for the masses with xajax

The Net is Dead&-&Easy Ajax for the masses with xajax

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