Von PearPC wurde gestern eine neue Version 0.4.0 veröffentlicht.

It took a while but here is finally the long awaited 0.4.0 release. This is the first release with G4 support by Daniel Foesch (you have to enable it in your config). Other feature include support for native CD-ROMs (no need for images) and endianess safety (i.e. you can run PearPC on big-endian systems).

version 0.4 (released 20. December 2005):
– CPU: stfiwx implemented
– config: „ppc_start_fullscreen“ for starting in fullscreen mode
– POSIX: allow bridging of tun device
– use FISTTP instruction on SSE3 aware processors
– merged native_cd branch from Alexander Stockinger
– endianess fixes
– warn that the generic CPU is slow
– better detection of HFS+ volumes
– support for DVD-Drives
– correctly check for NASM
– Work-around for graphic errors in Mac OS X 10.1
– POSIX/Linux: fall back to 1 GHz if /proc/cpuinfo doesn’t provide cpu frequency
– 3c90x emulation fixed
– some PROM fixed for yaboot
– alteration of x86asm interface to be more programmer friendly
– use transparent cursors instead of altering cursor visibility (hack for using PearPC
with remote desktop)
– DVD emulation implemented. Fixes problems with Tiger installation
– Updated the read_effective_* commands to be faster !!! REGRESSED !!!
– fixed lvalue casts (compiles now with gcc 4.x)
– booting from disks with bootfile about 4 GiB limit fixed

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