„Apples 1.1.1 firmware is much larger than 1.0.2 was. That leaves much less space for installing 3rd-party applications. Couple that with the fact the Installer.app 3.0 doesnt tell you how much free space you have left, and you have a recipe for disaster. Additionally, I found that by default, you cannot have more than 80 application directories in /Applications, or the SpringBoard crashes and will not start. Whats a person to do? Well, I dont know what you will do, but this is what I did (Note: if you screw up your iPhone, I take no responsibility):

1. I installed SummerBoard, which allows for more than 80 application directories in /Applications
2. I remounted the Media partition without the noexec option, moved my entire /Applications directory to /var/root/Applications, and made /Applications a symbolic link that points to private/var/root/Applications.“

Koos Kaspers.nl :: Remove Application space limit

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