„App Update is a free Dashboard Widget that can automatically check for updates to your installed software. It supports Apple’s software directory, MacUpdate and Version Tracker. It will present you with a tidy link list of all the updates found, enabling you to read release-notes and download the the updates quickly and painlessly.

You can specify the directories in which you keep your applications on App Update’s back. To flip it over, just click the little „i“ button that appears when you move your mouse pointer over the Widget.

You can also specify recursive directory choices, meaning that App Update will not only look into the specified folder, but also into all its sub-folders (which is very convenient if you group your applications this way).

* Universal binary: Runs natively on Intel & PowerPC Macs
* Check for updates manually or automatically (daily or weekly)
* Built-in online help, accessible at all times by pressing Shift+H, viewable in the widget or the browser
* Can be collapsed into a small icon to conserve Dashboard space
* Support for Growl notifications
* Fast scanning of applications with Spotlight
* Implements Apple’s proposed versioning scheme (TN1132)
* Can check an application’s specific homepage as well (requires knowledge of regular expressions)
* Easily add folders per drag & drop
* If an application isn’t found out of the box, you can easily add the necessary info to make it be found in the ‚Advanced‘ dialog in the Widget’s back
* Manage your applications: Right-click an update to expose a drop-down menu in which you can ignore an update, mark it as installed or reveal the application in the Finder
* Compatible with most applications
* Keyboard shortcuts
* Automatically checks for updates to itself, too (once every 24 hours)
* Released under the GPL“

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