An alle potentiellen deutschen Startups: Macht das mal in Deutschland – einen definitiven Kunden habt ihr schon!

„Your phone, your email, your fax… they’re all digital and they all allow you to stay fully informed from anywhere. So why be tied down to your house by your postal mail (or drive to check a post office box)?

Now, finally, your postal mail is online, too! With ultra-secure Remote Control Mail, you can see your mail from anywhere in the world, and with a few mouse clicks you can have your mail forwarded, opened and scanned into a PDF document you can read online (or print or save), recycled or shredded, or stored securely.

Remote Control Mail is the ultimate solution for P.O. Box holders, frequent travelers, RVers, frequent movers, multiple home owners, expatriates, and university students. Take longer vacations and stop worrying about missing any important mail. And greatly reduce the risk of identity theft that plagues your postal mail today.“

Well Forward Mail — Postal Mail — to Any Computer, Anywhere!

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