„Love your Mac even more with the ability to simultaneously run any PC OS%u2014Windows, Linux, NetWare and others%u2014on Mac OS X. Switch between operating systems by easily tabbing between applications and share data between the two operating systems by dragging and dropping files on the fly%u2014all without needing to reboot. What’s more, you can create virtual machines and run them on other VMware products or run any VMware virtual machine on your Mac.

Do even more with your Mac with the ability to run any of the more than 250 VMware virtual appliances%u2014which provide robust solutions for security, network applications, databases, communications and business applications. Be among the first to try this new product from VMware when it is available later in the year. Complete the form to pre-register for the beta release.“

VMware Virtualization for Mac OS X

VMware Virtualization for Mac OS X

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