„We now have Windows XP running on the Intel-based Macintosh — as a guest operating system under the Linux version of VMware. This is quite exciting and promising, especially since the performance of Windows XP seems quite amazing (based on our limited test run so far) — mind you, the kernel and the environment we are using experimental and unoptimized, so it would not be unreasonable to expect even better performance.
To anybody who has used Windows XP under Virtual PC on the PowerPC version of Mac OS X: you will simply be blown away by how fast Windows XP runs under VMware on the new hardware. “ – Es tut: Windows XP unter VMWare unter Linux auf dem Intel iMac!

VMware under Linux on the Intel-based Macintosh

VMware under Linux on the Intel-based Macintosh

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  1. What is with details to install VMWARE under MAC OS ????

    is it with the rpm or with the other package.

    What is with the configuration.

    Gives any problem with the hardware ??


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