„dbmon.pl A simple script to monitor MySQL queries and log them into a file for future processing. Optionally will kill long-running queries.

tablesync.pl A fairly complex script to check two tables, and attempt to generate INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements to bring them into sync. Warning: This script needs some work to make it functional in a general MySQL environment but not a lot. I’ll fix it up whenever I next need to use it.

mysqlHammerMe.pl A simple script that inserts a bunch of rows, then randomly deletes many of them. Mostly tests index read speed during the deletes. I urge you not to use this, but wait on Brian Aker’s „mysqlslap“ utility which comes out soon.

diskTest.pl Brad Fitzpatrick of LiveJournal described the concept of a script that tests storage devices to make sure that when they claim some data is on disk, it actually is. After some web searching, I could not find the script, but only a note from Brad that they hadn’t released it due to its being incomplete, so I wrote my own. If your storage device is hooked up to a Linux box, you can use this script to make sure your hardware isn’t lying to you. We used it at Digg to make sure our disks weren’t lying to us.

mysqlDbiSkeleton.pl A Perl MySQL DBI skeleton script. I keep writing these things from scratch. About time I stopped.

keepStartingSlave.pl Sometimes a slave has replication problems after the master goes down, or otherwise sometimes points to a master log location in the past. You want to skip one transaction, keep applying until the slave dies again, then skip one transaction again. Rinse, repeat. This Perl script does that.

LiveJournalScalingPaper.pdf A paper about how LiveJournal scaled up their system. Not just a MySQL paper, but covers a lot of the details you need to know about doing a MySQL-backed high-volume web site.

mysql-internals.pdf Internals of MySQL. I read this once, and I remember it being interesting, but not a lot of it stuck. Probably better for reference.“

Useful MySQL Stuff

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