„Parallels beta build with Windows apps in the dock

Parallels is non-stop with their software updates. The latest beta updates include a number of anticipated improvements including USB 2.0 support, improved Boot Camp partition [NTFS & FAT32] support, and the ability to place individual Windows Applications icons directly in your dock providing instant Coherence mode.

Read about the initial Beta announcement previously posted here. Download the latest beta build 3094 release directly from the Parallels.

The Parallels servers are crawling due to heavy traffic. Feel free to download a copy of the file from the mirror.

Windows apps in the dock

For anyone stumbling with the necessary steps to get a Windows application added to the dock, follow the steps below:

* Open your Windows applications within the Windows environment via Parallels.
* Start Coherence mode which will add the Windows application icon to the OS X dock.
* CTRL Click on the Windows app icon and select %u2018Keep in dock%u2019.

Running a Windows application from the OS X dock will automatically open the app in Coherence mode as though it were an actual OS X application.“

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