From the page: „After the great response from Part 1, here is Part 2. In this group, we cover DVD Backups, Binary News Tools, Password Management, Social Bookmarking, Project Management, Clipboard Solutions, Bluetooth Phone Integration, File Transfer, and OS X Enhancements.

Not all of these are free, but many of them are. Each piece of software is excellent, and I use them all. There are plenty of alternatives to even these, and if you have a favorite, leave it in the comments, and they might make it into Part 3.

DVD Backups:
I covered Mac The Ripper in part 1, but since then, protection has gotten tougher. The latest way to backup is with a combination of Fairmount and VLC. Could it be illegal? Perhaps. Check your local laws.
Fairmount-4 Fair Mount – Allows decryption of DVD content on the fly. It doesn’t perform the actual decryption, but forwards it on to VLC for decryption. After decryption, simply drag and drop the VIDEO_TS folder somewhere on your Hard Drive, and then you can do with it what you wish. It comes with DVD Remaster, so you have to download it to get Fair Mount. Could it be illegal? Perhaps. Check your local laws.
Vlc-2 VLC – If this player can’t play it, odds are, the media on your Mac can’t be played. You need this installed for Fair Mount to work.

Binary News Tools: You can explore the Usenet groups and find tons of public domain and legal files for downloading. Here are a few of the preferred tools on Mac OS X.
Unison-1 Unison – The de facto OS X Usenet binary reader.
Macpardeluxe MacPar Deluxe – If you are familiar with Usenet binaries, you will know that you need to create and extract PAR files.

Splitandconcat-1 Split & Concat – Combine and Split files for transmission.

Theunarchiver-1 The Unarchiver – Replacement for the built-in Supports most file formats, and it’s very quick.

Password Management:
OS X has a built-in Keychain application that stores your your passwords, but it doesn’t work across multiple browsers, and I find that to be a hassle.
1Password-3 1Password – Keychain integration, security, and multiple identities.

Social Bookmarking & Management: is the dominant social bookmark site, and here are two apps that will help you manage your apps.

Pukka-1 Pukka – a minimalist posting client. Lightweight and fast.

Webnotehappy-1 Webnote Happy – Web site tagging and annotation. Fast and quick. It integrates with, but I use the LITE version and manage my bookmarks locally.
Visual Project Management: There are a few excellent programs on OS X, but I find myself drawn to Curio.

Curio-2 Curio – Brainstorming will come easy with this visual tool. Complete project management, and multiple versions, depending on your needs.
Clipboard Solutions: Dealing with lots of data, copying and pasting between apps, the Finder’s clipboard comes up short. Here are some great alternatives.
Jumpcut-1 Jump Cut – Open Source and Free.

Iclip iClip – Manage multiple clip bins, and there is even a free iClip Lite widget. Manage Text, Pictures, Sounds, Movies, and mores.

Shadowclipboard-3 Shadow Clipboard 3 – Beautiful clipboard with even supports sharing between Macs.
Bluetooth Phone Integration:
Bluephone-1 Blue Phone Elite: On screen control of your phone. Send SMS, Preview Calls, and Proximity Behaviors (will pause iTunes & other apps when you come near or walk away).

Onsync-2 OnSync: – Mobile phone contact syncing for your Mac. Syncs between your phone and Address Book. Lots of options that iSync doesn’t offer.

OS X Enhancements:
OS X is beautiful, but it does lack several features. To make OS X more usable, I use these programs everyday.

Defaultfolder Default Folder X: A classic program that is a must have. Create default folders for all of your OS X apps, save dialogs, create shortcuts, and more. Productivity goes up exponentially when you use this program.
Inquisitor X-1 Inquisitor 3: An app that ads instant web searching to Safari. Works as you type!. To top it off… it’s FREE!!

Growlicon-1 Growl: Application notification. What is it? Well, when something happens, growl lets you know by providing you with information, without having to switch to the program. My personal favorite, and I couldn’t use a Mac without it.

Witch-1 Witch: Window switching the way it should’ve been built into OS X. Access any window without even leaving the keyboard. Another Free app!

File Transfer:
There are several that come to mind, but I am only going to share one, because of it’s coolness.

Iget-1 iGet – File transfer the right way. Strong encryption, spotlight search of remote machines, automator integration, screaming fast.“

Switchers Guide To Mac OS X Software – Part 2 –

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