Von der genialen Blogsoftware Serendipity wurde heute die Version 0.9 veröffentlicht. Die neue Version läuft hier schon wie immer perfekt.
Die Änderungen seit Version 0.8 sehen so aus:

Flexible usergroup management. Authors can now be grouped inside usergroups and can have certain privileges (edit entries, upload images, maintain plugins, …). An author can be a member of more than one groups, inheriting all privileges of each group he is a member of. Read/Write support can be assigned per-category.
Custom Permalink support. Allows to configure the URL path structure from all important permalinks to suit your needs – you can now use /oldEntries/2005/10/28/Garvins-Birthday.html as entry permalink format or any other structure you may like. Added per-author XML feeds.
UTF-8 support for all languages and bundled/additional plugins. Be sure to read http://www.s9y.org/index.php?node=46 for migrating an non-UTF-8 blog to UTF-8
Improved Spartacus Online Repository. Less memory usage, now also fetch templates over the web, plugin groups and better integration with the plugin backend, set creation permissions
Better usability: Multiple fileupload at once, media manager remembers last used settings, when deleting entries/comments you return to the overview immediately, support other WYSIWYG editors via plugin (TinyMCE, Xinha, FCKEditor), one-click spamfiltering of author/urls in the comments panel
Atom 1.0 Feed support
Improved MoveableType import, recognizing comments and trackbacks
Support of MySQL boolean fulltext search
More smarty templating options: Added new CSS classes in the default template to support styling trackback/comment/commentform/search-results easier. Localized „Reply“ string. Optimized performance of accessing constants. Smartified the „Categories“ plugin for better customization.
Support frontend viewing of multiple selected categories and allowing the entryproperties plugin to hide certain entries from the frontpage.
Enhanced bundled plugins: Entryproperties plugin can toggle whether to hide an entry from your RSS feed and add any number of custom fields to an entry.
Support Gregorian/Jalali calendar
New translations: Swedish, Hungarian, European Portuguese
Bugfix: Category selector will now act correctly in Konqueror and Opera
Bugfix: Importers can now import from tables that are not inside the same database as Serendipity
Bugfix: Some function variable return codes fixed so that they should comply with PHP 4.4

Serendipity 0.9 released – s9y::blog

Serendipity 0.9 released – s9y::blog

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