„2007/01/27 – Announcing Release 0.6 of SCPlugin!

The new version is here!

An active development team has re-formed around SCPlugin, we’ve made some great progress, and we’re ready to roll out a new release. Both the developer’s mail list and the users‘ list have become strong and active.
So, what’s new with version 0.6?


* First, we’ve switched from running a command-line copy of the subversion program, to calling the libraries directly. This avoids many problems with funny file names, it’s faster, and it will eventually allow SCPlugin to function without any separately installed command-line tool (though we’re not quite there, yet).
* With the release of Subversion 1.4, we’re able to switch to storing login credentials for your remote repositories in the MacOS X Keychain, a vastly more secure and standard way to do this.
* We no longer need to install things into three different places. The plugin consists of just one bundle file. No preferences to configure.“


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