„PuTTY is a great free telnet/ssh client for Win32 and Unix platforms. It’s just one „exe“, no install, no extra dlls are required. So it can be run from floppy, usb flash disk etc.

But it stores all configuration into registry ([HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSimonTathamPuTTY]) – you cannot store/load it from file on the floppy or other removable devices. There is a workaround with bat/reg files but that isn’t very nice. So I’ve rewritten small part of PuTTY (winstore.c – functions which handle storing/loading configuration).

I’ve rewritten small part of Pageant too, to be able to load list of stored session (winpgnt.c – function update_sessions).

If you find a bug related to storing/loading configuration or not present in original PuTTY feel free to e-mail it to [email protected]. Suggestions are welcome too. My modification to PuTTY is under same licence as PuTTY – you can do anything with it but at your own risk and without any warranty.“

PuTTY for win32 storing configuration into file

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