„Welcome to PhotoUpLink for iPhoto, the most direct way to communicate your images or video without a costly annual subscription or providing personal information. PhotoUpLink connects your media library to any Internet site, database or document, providing innovative presentation and storage solutions. For business and personal use, PhotoUpLink offers unparalled distribution facilities, maximizing your present connectivity situation by providing more effective warehousing and location of assets.

With PhotoUpLink installed, iPhoto becomes an equal partner in the asset management space, enabling users to upload video or photos to any FTP site, any ODBC data source, or into Microsoft Office documents with ease. Simply select the albums or items you wish to distribute, click Export then choose the PhotoUplink dialogs to specify destination and recipients of automated notification. From new families to newspaper conglomerates, a broad strata of users can benefit from this toolset.“

PhotoUpLink – Asset Management for iPhoto – Help

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