„The „Paste as…“ functionality in applications like Microsoft? Word has become indispensable for me. I often copy something from the Web and want to paste it into a document without all of the HTML formatting. Paste as is the tool for the job.

While perusing the Web one day, looking for a code example, it occurred to me that Paste as would also be beneficial for Visual Studio?. However, instead of simply converting the text formatting, it could convert the language of the code example. It’s common to be coding in C# and find a Visual Basic? example that does exactly what you want, or vice versa. Using such code requires copying the sample to the clipboard, going to one of the many great code conversion Web sites, pasting in the code, converting it, copying the new code, and finally pasting the converted code into Visual Studio.

When I find a C# code example on a Web site, I’d really like to eliminate the intermediate conversion steps and just Paste as Visual Basic right into the code editor. All the necessary building blocks are in place to make this work; I just need some code to glue it all together.“

Paste as… Addin Visual Studio C# – VB

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