„Hello everyone!

Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3150 RC2 is now available for download.

Additional details and download information is available on this page: parallels.com/products/desktop/beta_testing/ [parallels.com/products/desktop/beta_testing/]

PLEASE REMEMBER: this is a Release Candidate software. While this build gives you the rough understanding of the final set of features to be available in Final Release later on, it is still a %u201CCandidate%u201D and thus is still not recommended for production use. Do backup your virtual machines before trying them with this build.

This build provides several very important fixes to the problems found in previous Betas and Release candidate:

* The widest list of fixes are USB ones. Web cameras including iSight should work fine since now. Many other devices reported by beta-testers should work as well.

* Another wide list of fixes and improvements are Boot Camp fixes.

* Since RC2 it is possible to utilize Boot Camp partition installed not on the same disk as Mac OS X is.
* Many BSOD conditions are fixed.
* For advanced users it is now possible to edit Boot Camp partitions configurations via VM%u2019s .pvs configuration file (check this thread for details forum.parallels.com/post42129.html [forum.parallels.com/post42129.html] ).

* Several Coherence improvements:

* Windows‘ Start menu is now shown if one clicks Parallels Desktop icon in Dock if user has his „Show Windows Taskbar“ option set to off
* VM now remembers if it was last shut down in Coherence mode and starts in it next time
* Clicking on Windows application on Mac now starts VM in Coherence mode with selected application.

* Stability fixes %u2013 lots of segmentation fault (Parallels Desktop window closes unexpectedly) conditions are now fixed;

* The nasty memory leak found in live screenshot in dock feature is now fixed.

* And many other fixes%u2026

Several important known issues:

* Mouse pointer may disappear during Parallels Tools upgrade. To have it reappear, right-click your mouse or uncapture and capture again the keyboard input
* Parallels Tools setup does not autostart in Windows NT guest OS. You should manually start the tools installation process.
* Windows 98 does not restart if the process is initiated within guest OS. You should manually restart it.
* Aggressive connecting/disconnecting of multiple USB devices may result in guest BSOD or segmentation fault.
* Some USB devices don%u2019t work yet.

Once again I would like to encourage you to send your bug reports to [email protected] mailbox. Be it non-working USB device, a description of your Boot Camp installation that fails to boot inside Parallels Desktop box or the specific application that is not handled correctly by Coherence %u2013 we are interested in any feedback that lets us improve Parallels Desktop and deliver the best one to you!

Best regards,
Tim and the Parallels Team“

Parallels Desktop for Mac build 3150 RC2 is available for download. – Parallels Support Forum

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