Unter anderem folgende Features:
– Cross OS application file integration with Parallels SmartSelect
– Coherence 2.0, including shared folders and UI enhancements
– Expanded support for USB 2.0 devices
– Shared printers for cross OS printing
– Significant enhancements in performance and audio quality
– Bulletproof your VMs with SnapShots


Ausführlicher Changelog:
„What’s New in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac
Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac includes the following new features and feature improvements:
• Coherence 2.0 – Run your Windows and Mac OS X applications in single integrated
o Inversed Shared Folders – Mount your Windows file system and access its files
and folders directly from Mac OS X
o Security levels – Select security level using security slider in virtual machie
configuration. Choose desired balance between virtual machine isolation and
guest Windows and Mac OS X integration according your needs.
o SmartSelect – Open your documents in Mac OS X or Windows using any
available Mac OS X or Windows application
Auto registration – On first start of any Windows application this
application is made default for opening document types which have no
default Mac OS X application
Windows binary integration – Run Windows binaries from directly Mac
Editable documents associations – Right click on running Windows
application in Dock and edit list of associated documents types. Associate
each document type with running Windows application or with original
Mac OS X application
Open With Integration – Right-click your document in Mac OS X or
Windows and choose any available Mac OS X or Windows application
from the Open With list
Double-click Integration – Double-click your document in Mac OS X or
Windows to open it in the default Mac OS X or Windows application. For
Double-click a document in Mac Finder to open it in Windows
Word or Excel
Double-click a picture or PDF in Windows Explorer to open it
with Mac Preview
Double click any EXE program in Mac Finder to start it in
Double-click a DMG file in Windows Explorer to mount it in Mac
Shared Default Browser/FTP/Mail – Click a web/ftp link in Windows to
open it with Mac OS Safari; click a mailto link in Mac OS X to open it
with Windows Outlook
Reset Windows Applications – Browse to Applications menu and click
„Reset Windows applications“ button to remove all applications stubs and
clean all file associations with Windows
o Flexible Dock Integration – Choose integration level for Windows applications
in the Dock from Never, Always and Only in Coherence
o Windows Start menu Integration – Click the Parallels icon in the Dock to show
the Windows Start menu
• Accelerated 3D graphics – Enjoy 3D applications and 3D games running at almost
native speed
o OpenGL support – Run OpenGL applications and OpenGL games at native
speed in the Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista guest operating systems
o Limited DirectX 8.1 support – Run DirectX applications and DirectX games at
native speed in the Windows XP/2003/Vista guest operating systems.
• Snapshots – Save the running virtual machine state and revert back to it at any time
o Multiple Snapshots – Create multiple snapshots
o Visual Snapshots Manager – Manage and navigate your snapshots tree using
comprehensive visual tool
• Undo disks – Make you virtual machine read-only and clear all changes at the end of
• Splitted disks – Split virtual disks into 2G chunks (it allows to store virtual disk on
FAT32 filesystem)
• Shared printers – Print directly from Windows to any Mac OS X installed printer
• Vista Boot Camp support – Run Windows Vista installed on Boot Camp partition
within virtual machine
• Windows 2008 (beta) experimental support – Run Windows 2008 Server beta within
virtual machine
• Improved Hypervisor – Enjoy better security, stability and isolation between virtual
machines and Mac OS X
• Improved Memory Manager – Allocate only required virtual memory on hard disk and
save up to 1,5G disk space per virtual machine
• Parallels Tools for guest Linux – Enjoy better integration between guest Linux and Mac
o Mouse Synchronization – Seemlessly move mouse pointer between Linux and
Mac OS X
o Change Screen Resolution – Resize guest Linux resolution according to virtual
machine window size
• New Toolbar Icons – Switch between three pre-defined toolbar icon sets or add your
own icon set to Parallels Desktop.app/Contents/Resources/Iconsets/
• Improved Parallels Transporter – Use firewire cable for easy migration
o Vista Support – Migrate your Vista PC or third-party Vista VM into Parallels
virtual machine
o Entire VM Migration – Migrate entire VMware or Microsoft virtual machine
into Parallels virtual machine
o Firewire Support – Migrate PC into Parallels virtual machine via firewire cable
• Parallels Explorer – Browse your virtual machines images directly from Mac OS X
when Parallels Desktop is not running, copy, move and delete files and folders on virtual
• Parallels Virtual Appliances – Download pre-built virtual machines from Parallels
Virtual Appliances Library
• Other changes
o Paused virtual machine could be continued by mouse click on its window
o Resource allocation policy between virtual machine and Mac OS X can be chosen
in new virtual machine assitant
o Legacy Image Tool removed from installation package
Bugfixes in Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac
The list of most important fixes:
• High CPU usage when some USB devices are connected to the VM
• High CPU usage by sound input device enabled in VM
• High CPU usage by Paused VM
• GDI resources leak in ParallelsToolsCenter.exe
• BSOD 07B after repairing Windows in Boot Camp
• Slow Boot Camp partition unmounting
• Slow real CD/DVD unmounting
• Ubuntu 7.04 guest OS installation fixes
• Two minutes delay when mounting CD-ROM in Ubuntu 7.04 guest OS
• Windows XP SP0 and Windows XP SP1 guest OS stability fixes
• Coherence on 23″ and 30″ monitors problem fixed – now up to 64 MB of video RAM is
• Parallels Tools uninstallation fixed for Windows NT, Windows 98 and Windows 95
• Windows 95 and Windows 98 guest OSes causing 100% CPU load problem fixed
• Linspire/Freespire 5.1 guest OS installation fixes
• USB devices autoconnect behavior changed – now it shouldn’t connect HID devices
(mice, keyboards…)
• Windows XP in Boot Camp constantly reinstalling Windows update issue fixed
In addition, lots of other bugs were fixed and improvements were implemented.

Compatible 3D Applications and Games
The following 3D applications and games are known to be compatible with Parallels Desktop 3.0
for Mac 3D hardware virtualization:
• Autodesk AutoCAD 2008 (mouse synchronization should be off to achieve better
• AeroFly Pro Deluxe
• AVID SoftImage XSI 5.11
• RhinoCeros 4
• SketchUp Pro 6
• SolidWorks 2007

• Alien Arena 2007 (OpenGL)
• Baldur’s Gate 2 (Direct3D)
• Call of Duty (OpenGL)
• Counter Strike 1.6 (OpenGL/Direct3D)
• Descent 3 (OpenGL)
• Doom 3 (OpenGL)
• Duke Nukem Manhattan Project (OpenGL)
• Dungeon Siege 2 (Direct3D)
• Far Cry (OpenGL)
• GORE – Ultimate Soldier (OpenGL)
• Half Life (OpenGL/Direct3D)
• Hitman Codename 47 (OpenGL)
• Hitman Silent Assasin (OpenGL)
• Hitman Contracts (OpenGL)
• Max Payne (Direct3D)
• Max Payne 2 (Direct3D)
• Neverball (OpenGL)
• Prey (OpenGL)
• Quake 1 GL (OpenGL)
• Quake 2 (OpenGL)
• Quake 3 Arena (OpenGL)
• Return to Castle Wolfenstein (OpenGL)
• Scorched 3D (OpenGL)
• Serious Sam The First Encounter (OpenGL)
• Serious Sam The Second Encounter (OpenGL)
• SiN (OpenGL)
• Tribes (OpenGL)
• Unreal Tournament 2004 (OpenGL)
• Warcraft 3 (OpenGL)
• Worms 3D (OpenGL) „

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