Packetfactory Projects:
„dnsa [DNS auditing tool]
egressor [router config check]
firewalk [gateway ACL scanner]
hummingbird [asychronous scanning engine]
ipgeo [IP geo-targeting lookup tool]
ISIC [IP stack integrity checker]
libexploit [generic exploit creation (overflows/format strings) library]
libnet [network packet assembly/injection library]
libnids [NIDS E-box library]
libradiate [802.11b frame assembly/injection library]
libsf [IP stack fingerprinting library]
nemesis [command line IP stack]
ngrep [GNU grep for the network]
packit [tool to monitor, manipulate, and inject customized IPv4 traffic]
sentinel [remote promiscuous mode detection tool]
stephanie [OpeBSD hardening tool]
zodiac [DNS protocol analyzer] „

Packetfactory Projects

Packetfactory Projects

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