„Calendaring software, and in particular Microsoft Outlook, is frequently cited as a killer app that keeps would-be Linux users on Windows. As open source developers assault the calendaring problem, you will hear more and more about CalDAV, the calendaring and scheduling extensions to the WebDAV protocol. Let’s see what makes it tick.

Calendar software has been around for decades, allowing users to maintain multiple calendars on their computers. In the business world, though, individual calendars are no good unless you can query other people’s availability, schedule meetings, reserve locations, and access your information as you travel. CalDAV is a protocol that allows sharing, synchronization, and searching of calendar data between multiple users in multiple locations.

Microsoft has long supported these features in its Outlook email and groupware client, but using only a closed and proprietary protocol and communicating only with Microsoft’s Exchange server. In 1996, Netscape — riding high on its dominance of the Web browser market — decided to take a crack at the calendaring and scheduling pi

NewsForge | Introduction to CalDAV

NewsForge | Introduction to CalDAV

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