„A lot of Windows XP Media Center Edition users experience problems when using the standby function of their system. So did I. This and the endless list of forum posting on the subject made me decide to start programming this tool.

The MCE Standby Tool helps to configure the system properly for the desired sleep state. Just by selecting the sleep state all the appropriate power management settings will be made, both hidden and unhidden. Including the ones which required the Microsoft tool dumppo.exe in the past.

You can also use it to configure auto logon and to select which devices can wake the system from standby.

Besides these configuration options the MCE Standby Tool (MST) has a number of advanced features to support the system by the properly functioning of standby. To use this features the program has to be installed.

– It can stop eHome (the MCE shell) when going standby and restart it when resuming (at a number of start-screens). Closing eHome often solves the problem of not going back to standby after a scheduled recording or guide update.
– It can reboot the system on a regular basis so you will always have a ‚fresh‘ system.
– It has an idle detection when not going into standby after a scheduled recording or guide update.

Thousends of users from all over the world are using MST by now. The problems MST solved are quite a few. The following list is a selection of the problems MST solved according the users:

– Not properly going into and out of standby.
– Unable to use the right sleep state (fans keep running).
– Not going back to standby after a scheduled recording or guide update.
– Not (reliably) waking for a scheduled recording.
– Unable to wake from S3 standby using remote.
– Unable to put the system standby by remote.
– Hardware drivers preventing entering standby.
– Black screen of death on resume from standby.
– Blank screen requiring a button press on resume from standby.
– Problematic USB devices at resume.

Although the tool is primary developed for use on MCE machines, the configuration options can be used on all Windows XP (SP2) machines.

MCE Standby Tool

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