„Adobe’s new Reader 8.0 is very fast; a noticeable improvement over version 7 (especially if you disable most of the plug-ins within the package). However, Reader 8’s „self-heal“ feature will automatically install the Adobe Help Viewer 1.0 in your Applications folder whenever Reader is launched. I don’t want it in this location, because I reserve my root applications directory for audio apps only (with all others in an OS X Apps sub-folder).

I couldn’t figure out how to change the default path, but found that simply making the app invisible (with Mac Pilot) would eliminate the annoyance. Admittedly trivial, as most annoyances are, but it’s also nice to find a solution.

[robg adds: There are many ways of making apps invisible, of course, including many free options (SetFile in Terminal if you have the Developer Tools installed, for instance). If you haven’t tried Reader 8 yet, it’s worth the download time, although I’m holding out hope for a Firefox and/or Camino PDF plug-in.]“

macosxhints.com – Work around an Adobe 8 Reader self-healing annoyance

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