„Meet Vanilla: a new kind of web forum
With Vanilla we wanted to break the mold created and followed by just about every other forum on the web. We sat down and thought about what we liked, and more importantly, what we didn’t like about web forums. We wanted emphasis on the discussions rather than the statistics. We wanted to stop using MSN or AIM to send secret messages to other forum members; We wanted to be able to save the common searches. Basically, we wanted the thing to work for us instead of against us. Most importantly we wanted it to be free and we wanted it to run on just about every web server out there. So, Vanilla is a PHP / MySQL solution that is 100% open-source. You can take it and alter it and use it free of charge. The GPL is your friend.
Here are a few more of Vanilla’s features…
A fully extensible solution, Vanilla comes loaded with extensions, and we’re adding new ones all the time. If you are a programmer, you can create your own, too. If you’re interested in getting involved and making some extensions, read the documentation and join our community forum.
Vanilla has an awesome xhtml setup that allows you to create custom styles, or you can use some of the ones we’ve already created. If you’re a CSS guru, read the documentation and see how to create and submit your own styles.
Vanilla also has a custom language component that allows you to run any language. If we don’t have your language, you should do a translation! Find out how at Lussumo Documentation.
Much, much more…
There is still so much more that we haven’t even touched the surface of. But the best part of Vanilla is that it’s not cluttered with links and buttons you don’t understand. Vanilla is clean and smooth. Simply put: Vanilla is a pleasure to use.“

Lussumo Vanilla – The sweetest forum on the web

Lussumo Vanilla – The sweetest forum on the web

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