„If you’re like most people, at one time or another you’ve been given a present that was really good but, for some reason, just never got used. For example, one year one of the Scripting Guys was given some rock-climbing gear for his birthday. It was a very thoughtful and generous gift, but: 1) he didn’t rock climb; 2) he wasn’t sure he ever wanted to rock climb; and, 3) even if he did, he had no one to rock climb with. Feeling somewhat guilty he did take a couple of rock-climbing lessons, which he actually found kind of fun, To be honest, though, the rock-climbing gear has spent most of its time in his closet. Where it remains to this day.
If you’ve ever been given an Apple iPod then you know the feeling. No doubt upon opening your gift the first thing you said was, „Oh, wow: an iPod! This is the best present anyone has ever given me!“ And then, upon further reflection, you probably added, „Of course, the iPod and iTunes is scriptable, right? Right?“ And as silence descended over the room you sighed and then tossed the iPod into your closet. Where it remains to this day. After all, what’s the point of having an iPod and the iTunes software if you can’t even script it?
And so you – whoa, hold on a minute: who said you can’t script the iPod and the iTunes software? You can write scripts to manage iTunes and the iPod. Who told you different? Aunt Martha? Listen, who are you going to believe: Aunt Martha, or the Scripting Guys?
Well, OK, we can’t argue with you there. But this time we really do know what we’re talking about. As it turns out, you can write scripts to manage the iTunes software; in addition, you can also use scripts that interact with your iPod. We’re absolutely serious: in this case, Aunt Martha is wrong.
And we’re about to prove it to you.“

iCame, iPod, iScripted: Scripting iTunes

iCame, iPod, iScripted: Scripting iTunes

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