New stuff

* There is now a global positioning system built into Growl (took 2 years to make!).
* There are now close buttons available on notifications when you mouse over them.
* Multiple performance enhancements/memory leaks fixed up. The only problem at this point should be webkit message views.
* Totally redesigned applications tab.
* There is now a sound option available per notification.
* Application level positioning. (#657)

Usability Improvements

* Growl no longer adds itself to the applications list. (#547)

Bug Fixes

* Resolved issue where positioning would lock up. (#612)
* Improved the way that the login item for Growl is created. We now use an Apple recommended option. (#487)
* Growl will not load plugins which may cause problems upon upgrade. (#585)

Performance Enhancements

* Resolved an issue where notifications would be slow. (#270)
* Growl no longer loads all plugins at startup. (#391)
* Growl loads application icons only when needed. (#392)

Menu Item

* Improved the appearance of the menu item. (#538)


* Our localizers rock! Thanks to everyone who contributed. We have vastly improved localizations for a whole slew of languages in 1.1.

Display Plugins

* Added a new display, iCal.
* Added a bunch of user created displays, such as Above the Night.


* Lots of improvements to HardwareGrowler in regards to picking up changes.“

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