„ClipPath (Version 2.1)
As a Programmer, we are often required to set the path or classpath Environment variables. But Windows Operating does not allow us to copy the full path of a file or a folder,say, c:\temp\try.java to clipboard so that we can paste the same anywhere we require.

Clip Path utility tries to solve these problems. It is a windows Shell Extension Program. Once installed, you can copy full path of a file or folder to clipboard.

Support for copying path of multiple files or folders is also provided.
Support for UNIX style path (/) is also provided.

New Feature in Version 2.1
a) Added one more menu item – „Create Outlook Link(s)“
New Features in Version 2.0
a) Support for UNC Path for Mapped Network Drive or Shortcut to Network Resource
b) Saving in Shell ContextMenu Space by having ClipPath as a pop-up menu. „

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