Letzte Woche gabs das endgültige Relase von 0.9.5 des PHP-Caches und Optimizers eAccelerator. Changes:

* This version brings full php 5.1 support, which has as side-effect that eAccelerator won’t work anymore with php 4 on windows, but on other platforms this isn’t a problem.
* The shared memory functions, session handler and content cache are disabled by default now. They are only used by a small amount of users and they could allow local users to fill up the memory, if they aren’t secured properly.
* The old web control panel and the disassembler have been removed from the code. They have been replaced with a set of php functions that allow the same functionality to be implemented in a PHP script. The control.php and the dasm.php files are such scripts. More information about this can be found in the README.
* Memory footprint should be reduced because redundant information in the cached scripts is no longer stored. Keeping this information cached can be done with –with-eaccelerator-doc-comment-inclusion
* File hashing in the cache directory has been added to improve performance with a large amount of cache files.


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