„Vi, or Vim, (it’s commonly used replacement based on Vi) is a very powerful text editor that is found on many *nix systems. It is a bit confusing to use at first, and as such, many elect to go with a more intuitive or ’notepad-like‘ application when editing their text files, e.g. pico. I would argue, however, that taking the time to learn vi/vim will benefit you in the long run if you plan on spending any extended amount of time working with *nix systems.
Here I will do my best to include some of the most useful and powerful commands that vim has to offer, as well as going over some of the basics of using vim to accomplish all of your text editing needs. Ideally, this offfering would be comprehensive enough to help you when you forget something, but not so verbose that it is overwhelming.“

dmiessler.com | study | vim

dmiessler.com | study | vim

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