„Creating & managing screenshots on OS X may not garner the same type of attention had the topic been something more along the lines of creating a web development environment on OS X, cloning a hardrive, or improving your iChat experience. Regardless, those that do collect and amass a large collection of images can attest to the fact that such collections can 1) be tedious, 2) get quite unorganized, or 3) utilize more disk space than they should. All of these issues are easily resolved with a few simple techniques.
Capturing basic screenshots

Thankfully, OS X offers a number of options which allow a user to capture both entire screens and specifc regions using convenient keyboard shortcuts.
OS X keyboard shortcuts Description Keyboard Shortcut
Full screen (Save to Desktop) CMD Shift 3
Full screen (Save to Clipboard) CMD CTRL Shift 3
Select region (Save to Desktop) CMD Shift 4
Select region (Save to Clipboard) CMD CTRL Shift 4
Select item (Save to Desktop) CMD Shift 4 then Spacebar
Select item (Save to Clipboard) CMD CTRL Shift 4 then Spacebar

As you can see, OS X includes a great selection of basic screenshot options for quick screen grabs to send to contacts via email or instant message. For those that may prefer a graphical user interface (GUI) for screenshots, OS X offers the Grab utility located in Applications > Utilities. Grab allows users to capture a selection, a specific window, the entire screen, or a timed shot. While screenshots captured using one of the aforementioned keyboard shortcuts are saved as PNG files, Grab saves captures as TIFF files.“

Create & manage screenshots on OS X

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