„Aggregates Rename Database Parties with candidates in all districts
Cascading aggregates Show Create Trigger Who makes all the parts for a given assembly?
Cross-aggregates Show Tables Schedules
Group data by 15-minute periods Frequencies Game schedule
Per-group aggregate lists of specified size Display column values which occur N times Pivot table schedule
Per-group aggregates Display every Nth row Sequences
Per-group aggregates across multiple joins Graphs and Hierarchies Find missing numbers in a sequence
Within-group aggregates Trees, networks and parts explosions in MySQL Find previous and next values in a sequence
Within-group quotas Joins Find sequence starts and ends
Data comparison Cascading JOINs Find specific sequences
Compare data in two tables Parents without children Gaps in a time series
Date and time Parties who have made contracts Make values of a column sequential
Age in years The [Not] Exists query pattern Spherical geometry
Appointments available NULLs Great circle distance
Count business days between two dates List NULLs at end of query output Statistics
Count Tuesdays between two dates Parents with and without children Averages from bands of values
Datetime difference Order By Count unique values of one column
Last business day before a reference date Order by month name Multiple sums across a join
Make a calendar table Pagination Percentiles
SUM time values Pagination Random row selection
DDL Pivot table Running Sum
Compare structures of two tables Group column statistics in rows Skip repeating values
Find child tables List all firstnames for every lastname Sum across categories
Find parent tables Pivot table using a JOIN Top ten
Find the size of all databases on the server Relational division
List differences between two databases All possible recipes with given ingredients“

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