„Here is a list of short tips on using various UNIX tools under Mac OS X – some of them might just be reminders for myself. Some of them are also applicable to other flavors of UNIX. Comments are welcome (email address at the bottom).
20060914: (10.3.x+ only) How do I split a PDF file into several from command-line? (updated 20060921)
20060828: (10.4.x+ only) How do I join multiple PDFs into one from command-line? (updated 20060914)
20060601: How do I get my IP address? (updated 20060603)
20060531: Apple: Shell Scripting Primer (external)
20060525: How do I mass-rename file extension? (variable substitution in bash)
20060525: What are all those processes? (external)
20060414: How do I backup my stuff to an external drive using rsync? (updated 20060531)
20060414: How do I find the pid of a process by its name?
20060303: What if the „Open With“ option in Finder gives you duplicate apps or misses some app?
20050718: Reloading Cisco VPN kernel extension
20050713: (10.4.x only) Apple: Prevent .DS_Store file creation over network connections (external)
20040427: Setting environment variables for GUI apps
20040215: Apple: „Well Known“ TCP and UDP Ports Used By Apple Software Products (external)
20031218: Create a disk image file for a folder, using hdiutil
20031208: Tell if a process is still alive (updated 20060414)
20031128: Send an email to a bunch of people from command-line (updated 20060828)
20031128: Clean up .DS_Store files
20031121: Open a file with an app from the command-line
20031117: Make focus follow mouse in Terminal.app
20031117: Apple: do shell script in AppleScript (external)
20031116: How do I avoid automatic launching of Xterm whenever I start Apple’s X11?
20031116: How do I add an alias to an IP address? (updated 20031123)
20031116: How do I change my default shell? (updated 20060519)
20031116: How do I suspend/resume a process (even the GUI ones)? (updated 20060519)
20031116: Building/installing the latest Emacs for OS X (native) from CVS (updated 20060319)
20031116: How do I enable the root account? (updated 20060519)
20031116: Apple: OS X boot process (external, updated 20060414)
20031116: Firewall and iTunes sharing – what ports to open?
20031115: Who are listening to my tunes?

Benjamin Han: UNIX Tips for Mac OS X

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