„Complete list of changes:

* Added installing of applications updates after downloading.
* Added IUseThis profile support including „i use this“ and „stop using“ actions for applications.
* Added licensing and universal binary information to the applications inspector.
* Added a basic license filter to allow/disallow commercial license updates per application.
* Added category for used applications at IUseThis.
* Added menu to open developers webpages for applications.
* Added dialog for configuring IUseThis settings and unstable features at the first start.
* Added a search for applications at IUseThis if not found directly.
* Added two new menu items to open the AppFresh install logfile and the Software Update.log.
* Added a warning before Reset and Remove all Applications is executed.
* Added support for iPhoto plugins such as FlickrExport.
* Improved and more descriptive application states.
* Improved application category icons and overall layout/coloring/contrast.
* Improved version detection for version numbers starting with dots.
* Improved version detection of revision numbers.
* Improved error handling for sparkle applications with broken appcasts. Now IUseThis will be checked as fallback.
* Improved user interface by using panels instead of sheets.
* Improved and cleaned up menus.
* Fixed rescanning of applications and detection of new versions without restarting AppFresh.
* Changed toolbar Check action to always check for updates on all available applications.
* Fixed removing of installed apple system updates.
* Fixed the IUseThis profile generator/maker for large numbers of appplications.
* Fixed resolving of XML entities when parsing appcasts.
* Fixed menu validations.
* Fixed reopening of the main window.
* Fixed disappearing progress.
* Fixed timeouts when checking for updates.“

AppFresh Preview 5 – metaquark.de blog

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