„A new PHP based Ajax framework put its hat in the ring: PAJAJ.
PAJAJ is a object oriented Ajax framework, created by Gilbert Hyatt, written in PHP5 for development of event driven PHP web applications. The framework follows 5 basic principles:
Simplicity: Everything can be done in PHP.
Various development models:
Developer develops the whole application and interface in PHP
Designer generate a pretty but dump page, and you then hook events to it to make it a real application
You design an interface as a template (example Smarty), and have the framework make html, CSS, Javascript that you pore into the template
Event Driven
Late Binding of Events: no changes need to be made to the HTML themselves
Object Oriented: There are not only objects for the Ajax plumbing, but for page elements that you are interacting with „

Ajaxian: PAJAJ: PHP Asynchronous Javascript and JSON

Ajaxian: PAJAJ: PHP Asynchronous Javascript and JSON

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