„Ajax is one of the biggest ‚discoveries‘ in the past year, and it has become a real buzzword, just like Web 2.0. Admittedly, Ajax can be used for a lot of things, and it really does speed up web applications. Already Ajax is used by many highly popular websites, most notably GMail, but other’s like Ta-da List or Flickr also use it. Heck, even Microsoft has gotten wind of the Ajax buzz, and is actually moving towards web-based applications as well.
But there is one problem with most of the current implementations of Ajax: it has one dependency, and that is the XmlHttpRequest object. Most modern browser, like Firefox, have inbuilt support for this object, but older browsers, like Internet Explorer 6, don’t have native support for this object. Luckily, IE 6 does support it, but it’s built in as an ActiveX control, which means your visitors get an ugly warning message about the possible danger of an ActiveX control, or in some cases it just doesn’t work at all.
In this tutorial, I will show you how to use Ajax without even having to use the XmlHttpRequest object.“

Ajax & PHP without using the XmlHttpRequest Object

Ajax & PHP without using the XmlHttpRequest Object

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