„The AJAX MAssive Storage System (AMASS) uses a hidden flash applet to allow JavaScript AJAX applications to store an arbitrary amount of sophisticated information on the client side. This information is permanent and persistent; if a user closes their browser or navigates away from the web site, the information is still present and can be retrieved later by the web page. Information stored by web pages is private and locked to a single domain, so other web sites can not access this information.
AMASS makes it possible to store an arbitrary amount of sophisticated data, way pass the 4K limit of cookies or the 64K limit of Internet Explorer’s proprietary client-side storage system. An AMASS-enabled web site can store up to 100K without user permission. After 100K, users are prompted on whether the web site can store the requested amount of information. Users can approve or deny the storage request. The AMASS system informs the client-side application on whether the storage request was allowed or denied. In my own testing I have been able to store up to ten megabytes with good performance; I’m sure even more information can be stored, I just have never tried beyond this amount.
AMASS works on Internet Explorer 6+ and Gecko-based browsers, like Firefox. Users must have the Flash plugin version 6+ installed to use AMASS; Flash 6+ is installed in 95% of machines, however.“ – Kleiner Trick wenn mal mehr Daten auf Client-Seite gespeichert werden müssen. Das sollte aber soweit es geht vermieden werden…

AJAX MAssive Storage System (AMASS)

AJAX MAssive Storage System (AMASS)

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