„Advchk is a tool for monitoring the security of installed software. Advisory Check gathers security advisories using RSS / RDF / XML feeds, compares them against a list of known software, and alerts you if you`re vulnerable.

Quite a few CERTs and vendors offer security-relevant feeds. Mailing lists can be monitored using feeds provided by some web archives. Some usenet gateways like Google Groups also offer RSS subscriptions.

Since adding software lists by hand would be quite a boring task, advchk leverages your systems package manager for detecting software. Software installed on remote systems can be monitored using SSH-Update or NMAP-Scans. SSH-Update retrieves package lists by executing the remote package manager as an SSH ForcedCommand using Public-key authentication. Enabling SSH-Update for a vanilla host is as simple as: advchk -A user@host:22 NMAP-Scans can be performed for TCP and/or UDP with given portranges. Enabling tcp-based NMAP-Scans for all ports is as simple as: advchk -A host:tcp:0:65535″

advchk [unixgu.ru]

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